About Us

Company Goals

The company was set up and aims to provide solutions to assist clients in the world of Life Safety & Security systems. Technology is moving at an ever increasing speed in all areas of our lives. The applications we use these systems for are also changing. 


This has always been key for life safety systems ensuring both the safety of people and the business they support. It is also now becoming more critical in security fields.

Future proof

This is a bit hard to guarantee , however correct selection of solutions does go some way towards ensuring we are, at least on the right bus. 


We aim to provide this ensuring you achieve compliance to meet both your regulatory requirements and specifications / needs. Ensuring safety of personnel and property.

We provide independent consultation services in all Life safety & Security systems. We place value in investment in training of personnel in standards and system software.

This enables us to ensure we are up to date in regulatory matters. 

Through involvement and attending seminars with the security industries, many manufacturers and industry leaders makes us well aware of the upcoming solutions trends.

This provides added value to our clients who are investing in the future of their business with ever tightening budgets.