CCTV Systems

Why do you want CCTV?

What do you want this to do?

What do you want to see?

Who and where do you want to see it?

What can be done to improve the system I have?

CCTV in reality is catching up with what is shown on TV ,but only available for "particular" clients....

What can CCTV do?

We can help you to clarify in depth what you expect from the current market to align this with your budget. We assist in preparing the detail you need to ensure you get the right level of system performance. 

What do you want to see?

It does sound silly but it is very important to clearly establish the "region of Interest" (ROI) what you wish and do not wish to see. By clearly establishing this, it can be measured for compliance.

How is this to be viewed?

Do you wish to view locally & on remote smart device?  Do you want professional services monitoring?

Consultation for CCTV

If you have a need and wish to understand more or require any guidance for independent services click the button below.

CCTV Overview

Technical Consultation recommended !!

We can help you get the system to suit your needs

CCTV Cameras

Key for CCTV to be of any real use is to provide usable footage. Automatic alerts of real time events. 

   This is the exciting part which technology is greatly advancing smart purchase decisions get better value for your money.        

Security cameras have ranging features identifying & detailing your specific needs means you get the right features where you need them.   


 The government issue recommended standards for the CCTV Industry 

It  is crucial to not only specify what you expect, but you must also  check and validate before procurement. The outcome will be quality images delivered in various lighting levels with correct frame rate. 

Real time Alert & Monitoring


Signalling alerts by camera sent in real time straight to user who can take appropriate course of action. 

  • Sounding alarm before break in has occurred. 
  • Illuminating lights 
  • notifications pushed to remote monitoring.
  • Audio to alert people they are being filmed broadcast via local camera they are indeed being filmed. 

These in most cases has desired effect. The recording being of suitable quality can then be passed to police if required. Many criminals are aware of the advances in this field and that the risks they run in being positively identified are outweighing the rewards.  Early intervention prevents costly repairs.