Video Entry & Access Control Systems

Tectonic shifting in video entry & access control systems is the most advancing area of security.  Tomorrows needs and wants are closer than you think.

What system is right for my needs?

How old is your system?  

Costs to upgrade?

What benefits features do i need?

What do you know about available systems?

How old is your mobile phone ?

Simple comparison of functions and features not available 10 years ago in mobile phones vs today's smart phones.   

What system do you have?

Simple to provide cost options and advice upon clarification of system size etc. 

What does your system do now?

If the answer is `receive audio call` and you open the entrance door from hall handset you may want to know what else it can do?

Want to find out what is happening to Entry Systems?

What to know whats is out now and what is coming tomorrow ?

Access Control Systems

How old is your system?

Does your system meet the needs for today? What am I likely to need from my system for tomorrow?

What is my upgrade path for system?

Can any of the existing technology or infrastructure be retained to offer savings for upgrade?

What is the biggest issue with the system?

Operational? Management? Cards? If your system is over 5 years its probably one of these. 

What is new system is right for me?

Not all are the same and independent advice can save time and money ensuring your time and budgets are correctly allocated to upgrade.

What is the likely downtime and disruption?

Careful planning with correct systems will define what impact it will have on the business?

Contact us for independent experienced advice to help you understand your systems life span and help you plan for tomorrow