What is to happen when security systems activate?   Sounders inside – good to distract and disrupt intruders. It is documented in studies that a very loud sound preventing the intruders communicating, is a big thing they don’t like. 

Lights on outside and bells ringing alerting all, but who is to respond?

Paid Options 

Monitoring Station, who notify key holders & police via URN to respond to alarms. The key holders are either an employed service provider or authorised party. They must be in attendance to allow police entry. Failure to provide attendance within 20 minutes of being notified may result in the URN being withdrawn and no future police response.

Local alert of alarm only

Alarm on building external facade ( due to previous issues with nuisance false alarms ) should be set to not exceed 15 minutes.  After agreed duration expires it should not re activate alarm to cause nuisance to others. 

Who is this to alert ? Who is to respond ?

If you’re in the property an internal alarm which is recommended, will alert all inside and disrupt the intruders as they cannot communicate due to noise or hear anyone approaching.


Notification to owner via APP via 3G/ Wi-Fi / LAN –  systems can provide alarm alert and many other push notifications to System manufacturers APP.

Of the three types of notification above they are not all suited for each level of application. The grade and type of system required to meet risk will determine the options for alerting. The App notification is relatively new and our use of smart phones and apps see this as a simple solution for many applications.

What is the system for?

This may sound like a silly question but there are many systems out there, understanding what you hope to achieve will be starting you on the right path to spending your money on getting something which does what you want and need from a system.

Get the right system

What questions do you need to answer that will provide designer with the information to ensure you get what is right for you.