SBCR believe this is any system which in the event of an emergency are to assist in prevention of injury or loss of life.  The word emergency, covers many scenarios, never more so than today. 

How do we ensure we have adequate measures and systems in place to ensure compliance with legislation and have taken all reasonable precautions to protect and preserve life of occupants in an Emergency?

We are closely following the updates from Secretary of State following the Hackitt Report.  Click button below to find out more.

Life Safety Systems


Life Safety systems are fire alarms, disabled refuge, smoke venting , building passive fire measures, emergency voice communication systems. Sprinkler systems & Gas suppression systems. Measures to provide detection and manage the safe evacuation of occupants.


Compliant illumination of areas in the event of loss of lighting, to provide safely managed evacuation of occupants.


Lock down & release of systems in event of emergency. Provide security measures to prohibit entry to building of persons likely to cause injury to occupants.

What are my responsibilities?

Is my Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) suitable?  As there is no governance currently in place for these how do you know its suitable? 

Is my automatic detection and evacuation processes in place adequate? Has this system been independently assessed since installation? What has changed in building layout or use which may affect this?

Is your maintenance company delivering value?  How do you know the service paid for is being delivered?

 We can appraise these and provide independent reporting, advice and guidance.

Automatic Fire Systems

Systems which receive signal for activation

  • Fire Alarm Detection Systems
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Suppression Systems (Gas & Wet chemical)
  • Smoke Vent Systems
  • Smoke Extract Systems
  • Voice Alarm Systems

These systems are designed and fitted to meet British Standards and must remain compliant to ensure systems operate as intended.

Passive Fire Systems

Systems which are fixed and ensure integrity of fire resistance

  • Fire Doors
  • Fire Boarding & Sealing

These are vital to ensure the fire compartments that are part of the building design remain in place preserving the fire compartments integrity.

Emergency Lighting Systems

Emergency Lighting standards were revised in 2016. Advances in Led technology in recent years have led to better emergency lighting solutions, benefits include:

  • Improved systems lifespan
  • Lamp life means reduced costs for lamp changes
  • Running costs reduce energy costs
  • Technology advances in testing 
  • Retrofit conversion kits to change existing fluorescent luminares to LED 

We provide independent advice for systems which shall best suit your needs. This cost information can allow you to allocate budget for keeping this compliant. This will ensure systems lifespan return on investment.